Here at The Wax Room, waxing is an art.  Years of experience, professional technique, high quality products and our "no double dipping" policy will ensure the best wax experience you've ever had.  As a top priority, we listen to your concerns and take your comfort seriously.  Our wax is formulated to offer the most gentle, comfortable, and effective waxing experience possible.  Your safety and comfort are as important to us as getting you smoothly waxed.


The philosophy at The Wax Room is simple.  Everyone deserves healthy skin.  Feed your skin ingredients it can recognize, be consistent, and you will see change.  When you take an approach to skin care, it will teach your skin how to repair itself and in return, it will thank you with a healthy glow.  All facials are based on time.  Each skin is different and issues can change from seasons, pregnancy, stress, etc.  Sometimes you might need more of a deep pore cleansing, other times you might need more hydration, or both!


Don’t know where to begin?

START WITH CONSULTATION… with your skincare concerns? This appointment will answer any questions you might have and we will come up with a treatment plan and cost of each service. Cost $25

All facials come with a deep cleanse, exfoliation, and customized mask, appropriate moisturizer and sunblock topped off with Lot’s of Relaxation!



  • Brows - $18

  • Lip - $10

  • Chin - $10

  • Nose - $10

  • Full Face - $40

  • Half Arm - $25

  • Full Arm - $35

  • Under Arm - $20

  • Half Leg - $40

  • Full Leg - $60

  • Bikini - $40

  • Barley There - $50

  • Brazilian - $60

  • Back Wax - $40

  • Chest - $40

  • Lower Back - $20

  • Hands & Fingers - $10

  • Feet & Toes - $10


  • Eyebrows - $20

  • Eyelashes - $20


Sarah’s Services

Facials & A’La Cart Services

Start with Consultation?

Don’t know where to begin with your skincare concerns? This appointment will answer any questions you might have and we will come up with a treatment plan and cost of each service. Cost $25



All facials come with a deep cleanse, exfoliation, and customized mask, appropriate moisturizer and sunblock; and lots of relaxation!

  • Raspberry Peach Antioxidant Facial          $95

Skin conditions: All Skin Types including pregnancy and sensitive skin

This relaxing facial is packed with antioxidants for a powerful anti-aging treatment. Raspberry soothes irritations and calms any inflammation. Peach helps softens the skin while hibiscus flower and pumpkin gently exfoliate.  Let this facial calm your senses while it refreshes and hydrates your skin. Boost your facial with Ultrasonic for glowing skin!

  • Passionfruit Firming Facial       $115 

Skin Conditions: for skin that has loss of elasticity (not for rosacea, sensitive, darker skin types or melasma skin)

Passionfruit is known to firm the skin by increasing blood circulation bringing it to the surface making it easier for nutrients to be absorbed into the skin. Packed with antioxidants it gives the skin a healthy glow. This firming facial will tone, exfoliate, soften the skin and help stimulate collagen. Expect your skin to feel warm and some redness could last for a few hours but will reveal firm and more radiant skin! Upgrade your facial with Microcurrent for more firming benefits!


  • Coconut & Papaya Moisturizing Facial    $85

Skin Conditions: Normal, sensitive, dry rough and wrinkle skin. Safe for pregnancy and those using Accutane or Retin A’s

Coconut and papaya dissolve dead skin cells revealing healthy soft skin. Coconut has extreme moisturizing properties and promotes healthy cell growth. Papaya is highly concentrated with Vitamin C and beta-carotene. Ideal for dry or rough skin, this treatment will leave your skin soft and smooth! Great facial for date night and special events!


  • Lemon Zest Brightening Facial         $100

Skin Conditions: Normal to dry skin with pigmentation concerns, especially melasma and sun damage

Exfoliate and brighten the skin with antioxidant and brightening benefits of lemon. Bearberry extract acts like a natural lightener to help fade dark spots. This treatment promotes deep hydration that protects from environmental damage while alleviating the signs of aging.  It improves wrinkling and roughness, and will reveal supple skin! Walk away with a GLOW! Add-on a Lactic Peel for more brightening power!


  • Pomegranate Refining Facial           $110

Skin Conditions: Normal to oily or acneic skin with pigmentation concerns, hyperpigmentation and melasma

Prepare for the tingle with this powerful pomegranate enriched antioxidant treatment! Encourages deep hydration while reducing oil production and lightens the skin from irregular pigmentation. Helps to calm breakouts for more even toned skin. Brighten, protect and rejuvenate your skin with this amazing facial!



  • Purifying Blueberry Facial     $115

Skin Conditions: All Skin types especially those with oily, sluggish and problematic skin

Blueberries are a great antioxidant that contains Vit C & E helping protect your skin from damaging free radicals associated with the aging process. Impurities and toxins are drawn out during this detoxifying facial and will leave your skin purified and nourished. Extractions are done if needed and high frequency is applied to kill surface bacteria. Pores are left clearer and refined while inflamed acne is minimized.


  • Very Cherry Hydrating Facial           $110

Skin Conditions: Normal to combination with pigmentation concerns or dehydrated aging skin

Cherries help nourish your skin leaving it with a luminous glow. This facial will brighten, hydrate and soften your complexion by surging the skin with antioxidants. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles; and improve elasticity. Plump up your skin with this anti-aging fighting treatment! Boost your facial with a Glycolic Peel for more hydration & glowing skin!


  • Pumpkin Punch Orange Facial        $125

Skin Conditions: Normal to combination resilient skin (this facial may cause visible flaking of the skin)

This facial packs a Punch! For those seeking a stronger enzyme treatment to help refine, resurface and reduce oil production. Pumpkin dissolves dead skin cells helping to reduce blemishes while orange provides a beautiful glow to the skin. Improves fine lines and wrinkles, roughness, sun damage and softens the skin.

A’La Cart Services


Micro-current with Biolift: Micro-current is also referred to the natural noninvasive facelift. Stimulates the facial muscles that need help lifting and firming. The electrical current increases collagen production for younger more beautiful skin! Instant uplifting results! Great add-on for any facial, especially the Passionfruit Firming Facial.

Alone Cost $125 Add-on with any facial $50


Microdermabrasion: Deeply exfoliate and renew your skin with this crystal free Microderm treatment. Skin looks and feels more polished, softens fine lines, removes more dead cells, eliminate blackheads, diminish sun damage and scarring. When accompanied with a facial it will help products absorb better.  Reveal more healthy skin!  Alone Cost $100 Add-on with any facial $50 


Ultrasonic: Acoustic vibrations help stimulate the skin tissue and causes collagen and elastin to regenerate. Reduces wrinkles, and fine lines by plumping the skin and assists in deeper product penetration into the skin. Loosens dirt and oil from the pores making them appear more refined. Boost any facial for glowing results!  Add-on with any facial Cost $30


LED Light Therapy: A great add-on to help soothe irritated skin, boost cellular growth of new skin cells, kills surface bacteria, reduces acne lesions, stimulates collagen, and lightens hyperpigmentation. Perfect match for anti-aging results! Add-on with any facial $25


Chemical Peels

Best results are seen after a series of treatments. Minimum of 6 treatments are needed. Recommendations are made during consults.


Lactic Lightening Peel      Alone Cost $ 100  Add-on with any facial $20

Skin Conditions: Normal to dry skin with hyperpigmentation or melsasma

New to peels? This is a great first timer! Mild with no downtime or visible flaking of the skin. Hydrates and lightens sun damage. Improves roughness, softens and brightens the skin and improves the appearance of wrinkles. Helps boosts enzymes in facials to give you even more beneficial results! (could have some peeling)


Glycolic Peel         Alone Cost $100          Add-on with facial $20

Skin Conditions: Normal, oil or dry skin. Aging skin, mild to moderate acne and congested skin

An excellent cell renewal peel for reducing mild to moderate acne, pore size, and softens for a smoother complexion. Glycolic weakens dead skin cells allowing them to dissolve to uncover healthier brighter looking skin! Can be added on to a facial for double the exfoliation!


Cranberry Turnover Peel        Cost $115 (darker skin types must purchase prepping products)

Skin Conditions: Acneic and oily skin; inflamed, pustular and hormonal acne

Expect to some peeling a few days after this powerhouse acne treatment! Cranberry is a nourishing antioxidant that is antibacterial. Combined with Salicylic Acid it provides superior exfoliation that prevents clogged pores and reduces inflammation associated with acne.


TCA Depigmentation Peel       Cost $150

Skin Conditions: Wrinkled and rough skin, hyperpigmentation, melasma and/or acne (for best results prepping products must be purchased)

Although there is no “cure” for melasma or hyperpigmentation, regular lightening facials and peels can help diminish dark spots, keep them from getting darker and stop new ones from coming to the surface. If you haven’t had a peel before, it’s best to start with a more mild treatment like the Lemon Zest Brightening Facial or Pomegranate facial.


Add-on a microdermabrasion for better absorption of the peel.

Additional Cost $75


Peel Packages

Lactic Peel Series(6) $500

Glycolic Peel Series(6) $500

Cranberry Turnover Series (3) $295

TCA Peel Series (4) $600

Ultimate Lightening Series (2) Lactic Peels w/Lemon Zest Enzyme or Pomegranate Enzyme (facial included); (2) TCA Peels $495

Red Carpet Ready Series (2) Glycolic Peels w/ Very Cherry Enzyme or Passionfruit Enzyme (facial included) (2) TCA Peels $550


Massage Options

Because you need to relax & you deserve to feel relaxed…

Tasha is ready to help.

Book your appointment as soon as possible, because appointments are typically booked solid a few weeks in advance.


Swedish Massage

De-stress and unwind during this full-body massage with light to medium pressure. This massage will soothe you into deep relaxation.

30 minutes-$50    60 minutes-$70    75 Minutes-$85     90 minutes-$100

Deep Tissue Massage

Find relief from chronic pain, tension and tightness caused by injury or overworked muscles. This therapeutic massage focuses on specific problem areas, with deep pressure applied throughout the massage. Pressure will be adjusted to accommodate your comfort level.

30 minutes-$50    60 minutes-$70    75 minutes-$85      90 minutes-$100

Hot Stone Massage

Melt tension away as warm stones are used over the entire body, radiating deep into tight muscles.  The power of heat combined with traditional massage techniques will bring your body into a state of deep relaxation.

75 minutes-$125    90 minutes-$150

Focus Massage

Refresh with this focused 30 minute massage. Therapist will work on a specific area of tension. Perfect if you are limited on time.

30 minutes-$50

Prenatal Massage

Find relief and relaxation during all stages of your pregnancy. Massage is a gentle and nurturing way to alleviate the discomfort associated with this joyful, yet physically challenging time in a woman’s life.  Receiving Prenatal Massage promotes health and well-being for you and your baby.

60 minutes-$70    75 minutes-$85


Relax while the therapist applies pressure to areas on the feet or hands. Reflexology promotes circulation and can bring balance to the body.

45 minutes-$60 

Facial Toning Massage

A stimulating, vigorous, and luxurious method of treating aging skin. The toning techniques firm and lift facial muscles. Great add-on service to any massage!

30 minutes-$60    60 minutes-$85