Meet Traci, Libby, Sarah and Tasha .  We work together to give you the best experience possible.  All of us are dedicated to our professions and will put you at total ease with any concerns.



Double dipping is commonly practiced in unethical salons.  They dip used wax sticks repeatedly. Not at The Wax Room!!  Our sticks are dipped once and then discarded to protect you from harmful bacteria and diseases.  We are very proud to say....We Never Double Dip!!

Traci's Bio

I began my career with the desire to work in a dark room massaging peoples faces.  It felt good to make others feel good about themselves.  However, after a couple of years, I discovered I had another passion....Waxing!  I take great pride in my ability to turn what could be an uncomfortable situation into a chance to build an on-going relationship with each client to help comfort and trust.  I've been an esthetician since 2006 and have realized that my true passion and reason for longevity in this industry, stems from day to day interaction with people.  Something that brings anxiety to many peoples minds, I want to make it as comfortable as I possibly can.  That's what brings me satisfaction at the end of each day.



I loved The Wax Room so much as a client, that I became part of the esthetics team!  I graduated esthetic school in 2011, and pride myself on making sure every client walks out happy.  I am a perfectionist when it comes to waxing and especially your brows!

Sarah’s BIO

A graduate of Tricoci University, Sarah, specializes in treating all skin types including, dry mature, acne and oily, fine lines and wrinkles, rosacea, sun damage and melasma using the most up to date technology. Sarah has been a medical esthetician for 15 years! She can make recommendations to ensure your skin is receiving the right ingredients it needs to be healthy and radiant. With the power of touch, Sarah is compassionate and committed to making her patients feel relaxed and comfortable while receiving a treatment. Since the skincare world is constantly changing, she is dedicated to keeping herself efficient and knowledgeable to giving the best ongoing advancements in aesthetics. Schedule your consult today so she can make recommendations to help you feeling and looking your best! Click here to view her menu.

Tasha’s BIO

Coming soon