Here at The Wax Room, waxing is an art.  Years of experience, professional technique, high quality products and our "no double dipping" policy will ensure the best wax experience you've ever had.  As a top priority, we listen to your concerns and take your comfort seriously.  Our wax is formulated to offer the most gentle, comfortable, and effective waxing experience possible.  Your safety and comfort are as important to us as getting you smoothly waxed.


The philosophy at The Wax Room is simple.  Everyone deserves healthy skin.  Feed your skin ingredients it can recognize, be consistent, and you will see change.  When you take an approach to skin care, it will teach your skin how to repair itself and in return, it will thank you with a healthy glow.  All facials are based on time.  Each skin is different and issues can change from seasons, pregnancy, stress, etc.  Sometimes you might need more of a deep pore cleansing, other times you might need more hydration, or both!

We will work together to determine your needs on each and every visit.